The Best Solder Mask for Your Flex Circuit Boards is Dry Film Solder Mask

See why Taiyo’s FLEXFINER dry film solder mask is the ultimate solution for the vastly growing flex circuit board market.

The Current Crisis the Industry is Facing

Currently, the flexible printed circuit board market continues to grow larger as the flexible components and circuit boards continue to get smaller. There is a greater demand, now more than even, for higher resolution solder mask materials to accommodate for these tighter features.

The Taiyo Solution

Introducting FLEXFINER, a dry film solder mask that is guaranteed to meet your high resolution and tight registration needs during the manufacturing of flexible printed circuit boards. To continue to stay ahead of the ever changing and growing needs of for flexible circuit boards.

FLEXFINER Product Features

  • Photo imageable polyimide film with high resolution and bendability
  • Applicable to current photolithography PCB production
  • Excellent heat resistant and insulation reliability
  • Low spring back force
  • Flame resistant with a VTM-O UL rating
  • Available in two colors: Black and Amber
  • Each roll of FLEXFINER dry film can be up to 120 meters long.

Conventional Flex Circuit Boards

Flexible Printed Circuit Boards with FLEXFINER

The FLEXFINER Production Process

Flexible Circuit Board Products that Contain FLEXFINER Dry Film Solder Mask:

  • Flexible circuit board products that contain FLEXFINER dry film solder mask
  • Consumer Electronic (wearables) – hearing aids – mobile devices
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Medical – blood pressure gauge


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