The Sustainable Au Final Finish that
performs better than ENIG

Taiyo America recommends LiloTree’s Surface Finish that is an Eco-friendly solution for optimum performance & better reliability of electronic assemblies

The Current Challenges the Industry is Facing

ENIG has been an industry standard for final finishes. However, with higher frequency and high end HDI, ENIG is no longer the best solution. Current ENIG has many issues that include corrosion / black pads, dendritic growth, high insertion loss, cyanide Au, harsh processing environment for solder mask, labor intensive bath monitoring and controlling and its expensive.

The Solution for Final Finishes

Taiyo America is pleased to introduce LiloTree’s solution for a true universal surface finish. This is a Ni-less ENIG-Premium final finish with optimum performance and better reliability. This is a solution for 5G-High Frequency-HDI-RF-MW PCBs/ICs. This final finish is completely Ni-free and the Au plating chemistry is free of all cyanide.

Ni-less ENIG-Premium Product Features

  • Nickel (Ni) free solution: Minimal insertion loss, equivalent to bare Copper (Cu)
  • Long shelf life: Gold (Au) based surface finish
  • Cost-effecive: Lower Au thickness (50 nm vs. 150-200 nm)
  • High reliability: No brittle failures at solder joints (including Lead-free)
  • Cyanide-free, RoHS & REACH compliant, halogen-free solution
  • Suitable for fine pitch applications

Surface Finishes for 5G High Frequency PCBs

LiloTree’s Ni-less ENIG-Premium product has already been approved for these industries:

Medical and Industrial