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Technically speaking... it's the place to be.   IPC APEX EXPO is the premier event for the electronics manufacturing industry, attracting more than 9,000 professionals from 45 countries. From the industry’s leading technical conference and application-focused professional development courses, to the innovation-driven exhibit floor, IPC APEX EXPO 2021 will be packed with far-reaching ideas and insights.

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— February 26, 2021

Taiyo America to Reveal Three New Solder Mask Innovations That Solve Current Industry Concerns at IPC APEX Virtual Expo 2021

Taiyo will be presenting during the Exhibitors New Product Presentations on March 9, 2021 at 11AM and again at 4PM PST where and will be revealing three new major innovations in solder mask production that are guaranteed to solve your thermal management issues as well as significantly reduce excess waste caused by traditional solder mask application.

— February 8, 2021

What do Taiyo America and Aerospace Have in Common?

When it comes to printed circuit boards (PCBs), the Aerospace industry always demands the highest technical performance, reliability, and extreme environmental tolerance. Taiyo's solder mask continues to meet each of these requirements.

— February 8, 2021

Covering the World: Prediction for 2021

John Fix gives the readers insight in to what to except from Taiyo-America in 2021

— February 8, 2021

Under the Hood with Don Monn

At Taiyo America we make Solder mask. Solder mask goes on circuits boards and circuit boards go into cars; a lot of circuit boards go into cars these days. Years ago, not many boards were used for the automotive industry. Back in the day, I lived and breathed cars, spending many hours “under the hood” rebuilding engines, doing brake jobs or any other repair that could be accomplished in the driveway.

— February 8, 2021

Hanging with a Legend - Chris Kalmus

Chris Kalmus has been in the PCB industry so long there barely was an industry when he started. Always an outspoken advocate (and sometimes critic) or our industry, Dan Beauleiu thought it would be fun to have a chat with Chris and get his thoughts about the current state of our business.

— February 8, 2021

The History of Flex PCBs

To understand the evolution of the flexible printed circuit board, one must look more closely at the evolution of electricity. What is interesting here is that before the printed circuit board became rigid, the vast majority of carrier materials for wires and circuits were flexible.

— Nov 9, 2020

PCB007 Magazine Publishes Interview With Taiyo America's Don Monn

Don Monn was interviewed for the October 2020 edition of PCB007 Magazine.

— Oct 13, 2020


Taiyo America, Inc. is pleased to announce the establishment of corporate venture fund “Taiyo CVC Fund” through a partnership with venture capital corporation Pegasus Tech Ventures in Silicon Valley.

— Sep 10, 2020

Taiyo Mourns the Loss of Preston Gray Averette

The founder and owner of Photo Chemical Systems, Preston Averette, will be missed.

— Aug 19, 2020

Column: If You're Not Innovating, What Are You Doing?

John Fix gives an overview of what's to come in the 4th quarter of 2020 from Taiyo America.

— Jun 24, 2020

Column: If You Gotta Be Flexible, Try FLEXFINER

Over the last several weeks I have received a lot of inquiries related to flexible products, including our FLEXFINER photoimageable coverlay dry film. The advantages of dry film are well known; the ease of use/handling, flatness control, tenting capabilities and uniform thickness control.

— Jul 9, 2020

Taiyo America Announces New Technical Sales Engineer

Mrs. Kate Han has joined the Taiyo team as technical sales engineer for the Western Region of the United States, effective July 1, 2020.

— Apr 20, 2020

Taiyo America Mourns Loss of Chris Liu, Pentalements Inc. Founder

The Taiyo family is saddened by the loss of a very special man and colleague, Chris Liu. After over 26 years of mutual respect in business and friendship, Chris will be sorely missed and never forgotten. Chris was 71 years old and is survived by his wife, a son and a daughter.

— Mar 17, 2020

I-Connect007 Article: Evolving Solder Capabilities for Shrinking Components

Taiyo America's Yuya Suzuki, marketing manager for IC packaging materials, talks with Nolan Johnson and Dan Feinberg about the challenges with soldering due to shrinking components and how Taiyo's R&D work around smaller filler sizes and increased planitary has been preparing them for the future of solder mask.

— Mar 2, 2020

Taiyo America Announces New European Sales Manager

Taiyo America, Inc. is pleased to announce Mr. Frank-Ralf Mayer as European sales manager, effective March 1, 2020.

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