Behind the Mask: An inside look at members of your Taiyo team – Greg Dawson


This week, Greg Dawson, Logistics Manager from Taiyo America, discuss the many challenges of supply chain management.

Dan Beaulieu: Greg, I know that supply chain management was a nightmare during the pandemic. How were you at Taiyo affected?

Greg Dawson: More than half of our raw materials were affected. It was taking anywhere from a month to more than three months to get some of these materials. Certain materials were taking up to six months.

Dan: What adjustments did you make to meet those challenges?

Greg: We placed orders when we had three or more months’ worth of inventory on hand whereas before the pandemic, we would order with two weeks to a month left of material.

Dan: How about no, have things gotten better?

Greg: Yes. Much better.

Dan: Are you able to get the materials you need and one time now?

Greg: Yes. Lead times have gotten back to normal for the most part.

Dan: Did you make any long-term adjustments that were actually beneficial in the long run?

Greg: We carry more raw material inventory now and if there is another supply chain hiccup, we will be better prepared.

Dan: How do you see things going in the future? Better I hope?

Greg: I think everyone has learned some hard lessons that we will use to help us if this were to happen again.

Dan: Thank you, Greg!

Greg: Thank you.