Behind the Mask: An inside look at members of your Taiyo team – Harald Kutzias

Harald Kutzias

This week, Harald Kutzias, Technical Service Engineer from Taiyo Europe, discuss some of the latest technical trends in Europe as it relates to solder masks and HDI.

Dan Beaulieu: What are some of the latest technology trends going on in Europe these days?

Harald Kutzias: Technology trends, forced by the European Community is green technology. So business for green energy, electrical devices, and electric cars will increase.

Dan: And how does this relate to what Taiyo does in terms of solder masks and HDI?

Harald: I await that thermal management requirements will be more and more important for electrical devices. With heat sink products and high-temperature solder masks, Taiyo has big opportunities to increase its market share.

Dan: Do you see the technology there similar to ours, or are they more advanced or not?

Harald: I have no big overview of the US market at the moment, however, I estimate that the technology level is similar. In Europe, a lot of shops survived, because they are focused on special products (e.g. LED, special size panels, etc.)

Dan: What is a military market like over there?

Harald: Military market was very low in the past. Now because of the Ukraine war, a change in thinking started. So I await, that the military market will increase in Europe a lot.

Dan: How do you see the next few years selling in the European Market? Harald: The driver for Taiyo products in Europe is the Reach system. So a lot of customers have to change their production materials because of SVHC requirements. This is a big opportunity for Taiyo to increase its market share.

Dan: Thank you Harald!