Behind the Mask: An inside look at members of your Taiyo team – Stuart Down

Stuart Down

This week, Stuart Down, European Sales Manager from Taiyo America, discuss our growth in European market, partnership with Ventec, and his point of view about the future of European market.

Dan Beaulieu: Hi Stuart, tell us about some of your successes as you have taken over this Taiyo role of selling solder mask and equipment in Europe.

Stuart Down: We have secured our supply chain which was key to our growth and now have fully stocked warehouses in the UK and Europe through our European distributor partner, Ventec International Group. Our new range of SVHC compliant PSR-4000 HH01XR and CC01SE solder masks are being widely tested at several key accounts. Our new THP-100 DX1 HTG via fill resin with its high Tg rating is fast becoming the industry standard for advanced via fill products, Taiyo have several industry leading platforms with more to come as we go through 2023.

Dan: It’s good to hear that you are experiencing some growth. I can remember back when Taiyo American was just getting involved over the pond if you will. To what do you attribute your success there?

Stuart: I think you can break it down into phases, Taiyo have always had a presence in Europe but with phase one with partnering with Ventec and then phase two creating a bigger European team with industry experience from European has driven growth. We will see further execution of strategy as we move through 2023. Dan: How is the European market in general?

Stuart: Its flat I would say, Taiyo are experiencing growth as we close on new business, but the industry is flat. So many factors to this that effect the automotive industry in particular which is the engine of the European industry if you pardon the pun and then the conflict in the Ukraine and uncertainty over inflation it’s a lot of headwinds.

Dan: I’m just curious, what are your best-selling products in Europe? Are they pretty much the same as here?

Stuart: Solder mask of course is a large part of what Taiyo do being the global leader in that technology. But the growth of our THP-100 range of via fill resins and the range of ink jet legend and now ink jet solder mask products are adding real value to our business in Europe.

Dan: How do you see that market growing in the future?

Stuart: I’m in no doubt with what we have in place now and into the near future we are here to stay and will capture real market share as we should being the market leader.

Dan: What new products to you anticipate bringing into the European market this next year?

Stuart: Our ThermoCool resin product which helps dissipate heat from the core and or surface of the PCB has just started to achieve recognition, there is a lot of innovation at Taiyo. Then as I mentioned above our range of SVHC solder mask are key to our future in Europe.