Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Taiyo America with Great Music!


We celebrated Taiyo America’s milestone together in person on August 5th, 2022, with our special guest, Mr. Saito who oversees Taiyo America as a Vice President and Chief Executive Officer (Electronics Company) from Taiyo Holdings Co., Ltd. in Japan. Due to the pandemic and travel restrictions, we were not able to gather in person to have a celebration event in 2020. We waited 2 years to make this event happen! 


We had a company lunch together in our office with great food from Dicky’s BBQ, introduced recently hired employees, and had an amazing speech done by Mr. Saito as well as our president, Zach Maekawa to share their excitement of the celebration. As we continued to celebrate in the evening, we had quality time together with all employees and their family members where we casually interacted and got to know Taiyo’s members more. We had a great time with good food and music at Silver Oak Golf Course in Carson City.

Enjoy our video below in which Mr. Saito played drums, and Yuki Kojima from Taiyo Circuit Automation played guitar in a collaboration with a local music band, called Starliters.

Currently, we are in our 32nd year since opening and would like to review our brief history and some of the memorable accomplishments and events in the past 32 years here. In December 1990, Taiyo America started as a distributor of Taiyo solder mask products for the North and South American markets. In December 1994, we opened our office with a manufacturing facility in Carson City, NV. Throughout our history, we had memorable events happened countless times which helped to place Taiyo America in a position as the world leader in solder mask products. First 10 years, Taiyo America formulated the PSR-4000 BN series that included all the rainbow colors. Next 10 years, we had an introduction of the higher-end of PSR-4000 HFX series of products as well as THP-100 DX1 VIA FILL products. These 3 products have been known as industry standards even till now. Over the last 10 years, Taiyo introduced a lot of exciting new products including LED solder masks, Inkjet solder masks, FLEXFINER Series, Thermo Cool, and High Heat solder masks with more to come.

Click here to learn more about Thermo Cool!

As a final announcement, we updated our employees’ photos which are always listed at the bottom of our website. Now you can see both familiar faces and new faces who will bring fresh air and a positive impact to Taiyo America. Thank you all for supporting us and being such an integral part of us. We look forward to developing and expanding more of our business and continuing to be the world leader in solder mask products.

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