What do Taiyo America and Aerospace Have in Common?

By: Kate Han


Did you know Taiyo solder mask is used for Aerospace applications? If you didn’t know this, where have you been?


When it comes to printed circuit boards (PCBs), the Aerospace industry always demands the highest technical performance, reliability, and extreme environmental tolerance. Taiyo’s solder mask continues meet each of these requirements.


Besides the standard IPC SM-840E requirements, the Aerospace industry requires low outgassing of the solder mask. You may already know this, but low outgassing is critical so that optics and sensors are not contaminated by chemical condenses and deposits. Taiyo has a variety of specialty solder mask that pass the NASA outgassing requirements as well as via fill and legend ink products.


Airline travel is very important to many of us salespeople to cover so much territory in a short period of time. So, it’s no question that we need air travel to be as safe as possible. Aerospace is one of those industries where mistakes can be catastrophic. Thus, the Aerospace industry needs their suppliers to make robust material to support the PCB manufacturers. Because of this, we have solder mask for high-density interconnect, rigid, rigid-flex and flex with the highest quality of materials to meet their requirements of functionality and most importantly safety.  Some of us have had the pleasure to ride on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner which was made with multiple Taiyo products such as PSR-4000 MP, PSR-4000 BN, and THP-100 DX1.


We are proud that the Mars Rover Opportunity, also known as MER-B or MER-1 and nicknamed “Oppy”, was made with multiple Taiyo products as well. For solder mask it has PSR-4000 BN, MP and LDI(US) as well as THP-100 DX1 for filling the vias and lastly IJSR-4000 MW300 legend ink. So, Taiyo is not only number 1 in the world for solder mask but also in the galaxy


If we can make a solder mask that makes you feel safe flying or traveling all the way to Mars, we definitely have a solder mask to meet your industry’s needs.


We are here to exceed your expectations and welcome any challenges you put forth for us. To protect PCBs and make sure it runs efficiently is our business. Our business is to protect PCBs and make sure it maintains its functionality in any real-world environment.


Please contact your local Taiyo Sales Manager to discuss your solder mask needs.

Boeing Dreamliner